Building Disputes

Expert services to assist the building and construction industry

In the building and construction industry, complexity in negotiating contracts and resolving any disputes – from small trade contracts for minor residential construction works to large-scale Building and Project Management Agreements – will always exist to varying degrees.

McCarthy Durie Lawyers can assist all participants in this industry, from homeowners with minor building disputes to commercial project development litigation. We offer the following services:

For commercial projects

  1. Draft and advise on Construction Contracts, whether they be from the HIA, Master Builders Association, an Australian Standard Contract or a contract to be customised for a specific project
  2. Drafting Payment Claims and Payment Schedules
  3. Drafting Adjudication Applications including the preparation of Statements and Legal Submissions
  4. Drafting Applications to QCAT and/or Statements of Claim in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts of Queensland
  5. Appealing Adjudication Decisions, and
  6. Enforcing Payment Claims and Adjudication Certificates.

For domestic building work

We advise participants at all levels in this sector of the industry, from homeowners to developers, subcontractors and suppliers, financiers and industry associations, on various forms of contracting and the ever-changing legislative regime.

This sees us regularly:

  1. Attending QCAT and the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts in an attempt to resolve Domestic Building Disputes
  2. Attend QCAT and the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts against the QBCC in respect of all of the administrative Decisions that the QBCC is empowered with, for example:
  • Decisions to issue Directions to Rectify
  • Decisions to apply the Homeowners Warranty
  • Decisions to suspend or cancel Builder’s Licences, and
  • Defending against Decisions to impose Penalties.

And of course, all manner of Money Claims are dealt with by us.

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