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Estate Litigation for Beneficiaries

Estate Litigation for Beneficiaries

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Contesting or challenging someone’s will can be a long and difficult process and it is essential that you seek legal advice so you can understand your rights and the laws surrounding wills.

At MDL we have an experienced team of estate litigation lawyers who can assist you with any aspect of challenging a will.

Have you been left out of a Will?

If you have been left out of a loved one’s will, or if you believe you have been left an unfair amount, MDL can provide you with advice, and assist in applying to the Court for further provision from the estate. 

Are you concerned about the validity of a Will?

If a loved one has passed away and you are concerned that they didn’t have capacity to sign their Will, or maybe you believe that they had a more recent Will, MDL can assist in providing advice on what you can do to challenge the validity of a Will.