We have assembled a highly experienced, capable team of legal practitioners, committed to delivering you expertise across all legal services. Find your local office:

Mortgages and Securities

We have assembled a highly experienced, capable team of legal practitioners, committed to delivering you expertise across all legal services. Find your local office:

Mortgages and Securities

Experts in mortgage lending and recovery, we act for a wide array of financiers including some of Australia’s largest mortgage funds.

We understand our clients’ demand for speedy preparation of loan documents. MDL has invested heavily in creating tech driven systems and innovative solutions and are able to turn around loan and security documents same day. We frequently issue loan documents within 4 hours of receiving instructions.

Regardless of loan size or location of the security property, our expert team manages mortgage processing services nationwide across all jurisdictions.

With a market leading reputation and a drive for excellence in delivering commercially pragmatic, cost-effective solutions, our team prides itself on exceeding our clients’ expectations. 


The MDL team can assist with:

MDL’s Mortgages and Securities team can help you with:

  • Corporate finance
  • Acquisition finance
  • Construction finance
  • Mezzanine and subordinated debt financing
  • Intercreditor arrangements and syndicated financing
  • Structure advice
  • Pre-settlement financier due diligence 
  • Financier debt recovery and work outs
  • Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) transactions
  • PPSR compliance and registration 

Meet Your Mortgages and Securities Team

With extensive experience in the financial service industry, the team at MDL adopt a personalised and commercial approach, to create efficient and innovative solutions for our clients.

The Mortgages and Securities Process

1) Preparing suites of security documents for Financiers that comply with the relevant legislation, ensure mortgage priority and facilitate loan advance settlements across various states in a timely manner. 

2) Preparing and negotiating deeds of priority between multiple mortgagees to ensure the Financier’s interests are protected while ensuring the best practical commercial outcome.

3) Preparing and negotiating loan syndication agreements between Financiers to govern the relationship between Financiers on a joint loan. 

4) Conducting Financier due diligence including review of trust deeds, pre-sale contracts, leases and joint venture agreements.

5) Assisting with mortgagee debt recovery including entering into receipt of rent and profits, exercising mortgagee power of sale and strata titling property as mortgagee in possession.

6) Conducting finance settlements using the Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) platform which enables faster registration of security and funds transfer, as well as the ability to efficiently transact across multiple jurisdictions with minimal additional cost to our clients.

Why is it important to have a team of legal experts?

When it comes to the lending industry, the legal landscape can be complex and ever-changing. As a lender, it is crucial to have a qualified legal service provider to ensure that your interests are protected and your investments are secure. At MDL, we understand the importance of having a legal team with expertise in mortgages and securities. Our experienced solicitors. lead by Director Nathan Hardman, can provide guidance and support throughout the lending process, from drafting and negotiating loan agreements to enforcing your rights in the event of default. With our deep understanding of the regulatory and compliance issues that impact lenders, we can help you navigate the legal complexities of the industry with confidence.

MDL are the Mortgages and Securities legal partner that will safeguard your investments and future.

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