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Intellectual Property

MDL has extensive experience in providing Intellectual Property (IP) advice and assistance to protect the interests of you and/or your business.

Notwithstanding that IP is often a significant asset to many businesses, our experience is that IP owners tend to place insufficient time, effort and expense protecting this form of asset. With trade being increasingly conducted through online services, it is more important than ever to secure your IP and put in place appropriate strategies to minimise others infringing on your IP rights.

At MDL we understand that IP takes many forms. We have the expertise to assist you in your IP protection and leverage strategies.

Areas in which we are able to assist include:

Applying for and seeking registration (both within Australia and overseas) of:

  • Trademarks
  • Innovative and Standard Patents
  • Industrial and commercial Designs

Advice in relation to:

  • Trademarks generally, including common law marks
  • Patents
  • Design rights
  • Copyright
  • Knowhow
  • Trade Secrets
  • Passing Off actions
  • Infringements and enforcement
  • Domain names
  • IP Licencing
  • Confidential Information
  • Franchising
  • IP watching services
  • Structuring to protect IP
  • Protection strategies to reduce risk of infringement by business competitors, past employees, business partners, contractors and other third parties.

Drafting Agreements including:

  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Non Competition of Restraint Contracts;
  • Licenses;
  • Franchise Agreements;
  • Contractors/Employee Agreements;
  • Supplier/Distribution Agreements

We can also assist you by conducting IP Audits to identify what IP you own and in drafting IP Policies for best practice internal management of your IP resources.