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COVID-19 Assistance

Whether you are a small business owner worried about your business viability, collecting debts and managing staff levels, or an individual worried about your job security, or the status of your Will and Power of Attorney,

Unsure what steps to take?

Restructuring Your Workforce and Reducing Labour Costs

Many employers need to reduce their workforce – and quickly before cash flow dries up. For advice regarding these types of questions call Ben Schefe Ph 07 3233 9923

Inexpensive Debt Recovery Options

Maintaining cash flow is critical – it can be the difference between bankruptcy and survival. For advice regarding quick and inexpensive ways to recover unpaid invoices call John Warlow Ph 3002 7419 or Ian Neil Ph 07 3233 9911

Bank Offers/Initiatives – Bank Negotiations – Repayment Extensions

Most banks are offering some type of extension or deferred payment plan. Getting the maximum possible extension can often hinge on a carefully crafted submission which ‘presses the right buttons’. Our team are across the initiatives offered by most major banks and can assist you to negotiate the maximum deferment. For advice contact Nathan Hardman Ph 07 3233 9910

Rent Relief – Landlord Negotiations

For many businesses, rent is a major expense, especially when revenue has evaporated. We can advise on your rights and help you negotiate a reduction, holiday or payment plan with the landlord. For more advice, contact our accredited property specialist Stephen Gibson Ph 07 3478 5217

Liquidation, Bankruptcy and Asset Protection

We hope and pray all our clients will make it through these difficult times. But if it looks like your business might not be able to pull through – or if you would like advice on what would happen in the event of bankruptcy – we ‘ve got your back. John Warlow has a depth of experience in liquidation and bankruptcy matters. John can also provide invaluable advice on asset protection and asset structuring. For advice on the following types of matters phone John on 3002 7419.

Government Loans and Stimulus Packages

It is likely that your business is entitled to some relief from the below economic stimulus packages, but it is crucial to seek advice quickly, as strict cut-off dates apply. For advice regarding State and Federal Government grants, loans and stimulus packages speak to Andrew Taylor Ph 07 3233 9904 or Andrew Pye Ph 07 3002 7428.

Covid-19 Termination Clauses – new contracts may need an escape clause if you can’t settle

We have already seen several clients taking advantage of the Government stimulus packages to purchase new businesses and enter contracts to purchase new equipment. Some opportunities may also arise in the property market. But once you sign a contract, you may not be able to get out, and might be sued for damages if you can’t settle on the due date. In these uncertain times, things might change between signing a contract and the date for settlement. As a result, it could be wise to have a clause which enables you to terminate if you are unable to settle, or if business conditions deteriorate below your comfort level. For advice regarding such clauses contact either Andrew Taylor Ph 07 3233 9904 or Andrew Pye Ph 07 3002 7428

Wills and Powers of Attorney

We have seen a significant rise in the number of our clients updating or making a Will in the last fortnight in response to Covid-19. If this resonates with you, then give Jon McCarthy Ph 07 3370 5113 or Bruce Durie ph 07 3370 5100 a call. Both Jon and Bruce have a depth of experience in Wills and estate planning. Jon and Bruce can also advise regarding Powers of Attorney. A Power of Attorney can enable a trusted relative or friend to manage your affairs in the event you are unable to do so.

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