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How MDL saved $360k in Telco costs

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In the last few years, MDL have experienced significant savings in our Telco expenditure, near an average 40% per month. How? It started out of a conversation with our client Jeremy, CEO of Reedify. After a brief chat with MDL’s CEO Shane, Jeremy thought he might be able to find some savings and recover some incorrect charges. Until this time, the process for reversing incorrect charges had been managed internally, and the administrative imposition was both labour intense and inconvenient. With no upfront costs, it was an easy decision to proceed to trial.

The team at Reedify exceeded our expectations, achieving good savings, with minimal input from our team to get the job done. Reedify reduced MDL’s telco invoices by an average of 40%, which has totalled nearly $360K over three years:

Cumulative telco savings June 2018 – 2021

Reedify also engaged in two major dispute and mediation projects for MDL with Telstra, with the first occurring in 2017 which resulted in more than $150K worth of credits and compensation for issues backdating to 2014 (previous 3 years). The compensation resolution also enabled significant cost savings to occur through a renegotiation of services and agreements, facilitated by Reedify’s Strategic Consulting & Optimisation services.

More recently we engaged Telstra to implement a network transformation project, in conjunction with our IT partner, appointing Reedify to oversee the project. Implementation was relatively successful, but we noticed a significant discrepancy when comparing our quotes with Telstra account charges. Again, Reedify forensically identified 14 errors totalling more than $65K in disputed items. Reedify organised the dispute report and issue register for Telstra on our behalf, which has been accepted and is now being resolved – we expect to see full offer of compensation.

Article by Michelle Hughes


Reedify is a specialised, independent Telco management consultancy. We solve our clients complex Telco challenges via strategic consulting & optimisation, monthly cost control, everyday support services and specialised services including dispute resolution.

Reedify was independently established in 2012 to service and support the growing number of private and public organisations that were experiencing growing concerns and challenges relative to their Telco service providers. We are your independent, strategic Gold Standard, Telco management partners. We are on your team, we are a guaranteed, results driven Telco management consultancy.

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MDL Case Study

Problem Encountered
Reedify has worked closely with MDL’s executive team on various occasions over the past few years, typically on the backend of projects they have undergone with Telstra regarding billing and reconciliation. Telstra’s project management and billing is notoriously difficult to understand, manage and ensure compliance and when issues have been noticed – MDL reached out to Reedify for assistance.

Solution Proposed
Reedify provide monthly management services to MDL, which processes their monthly invoicing with Telstra into an analysis report and payment instructions. This enables MDL to gain visibility on issues arising – like when services are not billing with correct discounts, or if old services haven’t been removed after being replaced within a project.
Secondly, when issues escalate and require specialist dispute resolution services, Reedify act as the mediator and forensic investigator for MDL. This will typically occur for issues following a significant project or purchase between MDL & Telstra or if Reedify proactively find a contract compliance issue within their monthly account services to MDL.

Results Achieved
Over the last few years Reedify has achieved significant results for MDL, within the area of monthly savings and dispute resolution compensation. Reedify were able to reduce MDL’s telco expenditure by an average of 40%, which has totalled nearly $360K overall.

Article by Jeremy Tyree, CEO | Reedify

Process via Reedify website

We have assembled a highly experienced, capable team of legal practitioners, committed to delivering you expertise across all legal services. Find your local office: