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Protecting Your Property Development Brand: The Importance of Trademarking – Part 1: Background

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By Jamie Felstead

With the increasing number of real estate developments in Australia, it has become common to see multiple projects sharing similar names, branding, and design guidelines. Unfortunately, this has led to a rise in trademark infringement claims based on the similarity of development names and branding. A landmark decision in 2010, Mantra Group Pty Ltd v Tailly Pty Ltd (No 2), highlighted the importance of seeking consent from brand owners and obtaining trademark registration for building names and consequences if a trademark is infringed. In this article, we will explore the implications of trademark infringement and provide insight on the importance for trademarking your development and brand..

Importance of Trademarks

As a property developer, your investments in advertising and establishing a unique brand identity for each development are significant. Branding not only sets your projects apart but also contributes to their success. However, without trademark protection, your investments are vulnerable to infringement. By trademarking your property development name and logo, you secure exclusive rights to use them and protect the value you have built.

In a highly competitive market, it is not uncommon for multiple developments to have similar names in close geographical proximity. Trademarks play a pivotal role in safeguarding your intellectual property. By registering your property development name and logo as trademarks, you establish legal ownership and exclusive rights to use them in the industry or geographic region where the trademarks are registered. This prevents others from capitalizing on your brand reputation, diluting your market presence, or confusing potential customers.

Why Should I Trademark?

Trademarking your brand and development name provides you with the protection of a registered trademark. With a registered trademark, you can enforce your sole right to use the name and branding against any substantially similar developments. Performing a search of the IP Australia Database in the initial stages of development is strongly recommended to ensure that your proposed names and branding are not already trademarked and protected. Failing to perform this search can result in costly consequences. Some developers have received formal notices, demanding an immediate cease and desist of their use of the development name and branding because they did not make initial enquiries as to whether the proposed name and brand was already in use. As a result, these developers faced expensive legal battles in attempts to defend their right to use the trademark or had to undergo costly rebrands. Both of which were financially burdensome and disruptive to their marketing efforts. Trademarking your property development name and logo ensures that you can avoid such costly legal battles and protect your brand identity.

Court Precedents

Courts have consistently upheld the exclusive rights of registered trademarks, underscoring the importance of trademarking for developers. In the case of Mantra Group Pty Ltd v Tailly Pty Ltd (No 2), the court examined whether Tailly’s use of Mantra’s registered trademark ‘Circle on Cavill’ constituted trademark infringement. The court found that Tailly’s use of the associated website, which contained marketing material promoting goods or services covered by the registered trademark, constituted trademark infringement. This decision is particularly relevant in today’s development marketing, where standard materials include downloadable brochures, design guidelines, specifications, and promotional material.

Trademarking your property development name and logo is a critical step in protecting your investments and establishing a strong brand identity. By securing exclusive rights, you safeguard your intellectual property, avoid costly legal battles, and build trust among clients.

Please contact our experienced team to discuss how to trademark and protect your property development. We are here to guide you through the process and ensure that your brand is legally protected.

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We have assembled a highly experienced, capable team of legal practitioners, committed to delivering you expertise across all legal services. Find your local office: