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Building industry fairness act claimant or respondent?

Here's what you need to know:

If you’re a builder or subcontractor and you haven’t received full payment, or you’ve received a Payment Schedule that is not complied with – or you do not agree – you may apply for adjudication.

It can be a complex process. So to help you navigate your way through, we’ve put together a free flowchart that shows you the various steps.

Work out where you are up to in the process and see the different possible scenarios and time restrictions that apply. Remember, it’s critical that you do not action any item too soon or too late.

And remember, making a claim under the Security of Payments Act always starts with the contract. You cannot make a claim without a contract!

To find out if you do have a valid contract (either written or oral), or to determine the best way to format your Payment Claim or Payment Schedule, call MDL on 07 3370 5100.

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