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Special Conditions

Acknowledgement of Flooding

Access Prior to Settlement for Storage of Goods
Apply Margin Scheme – GST
Buyer Acknowledging there is No Pool Safety Certificate
Building Covenant Pass to Buyer
Company Directors Guarantee
Contract Binding by Facsimile Transmission
Conversion to Freehold
Date of Contract
Defect Disclosure
Defect Disclosure Including Disclosure of Unapproved Structures
Deposit Insufficient to Cover Agents Commission
Electronic Communication Consent Form
Foreign Investment Review Board Approval
Form 30C Acknowledgement
General Due Diligence
Land Sale Act Exemption where Subdivision of the Land into No More Than Five Lots
No Body Corporate
Notice of Work by Owner Builder
Owner Builder
Payment of Deposit by Bond or Bank Guarantee
Possession Prior to Settlement
Property Accepted As Is
Property Sold and Accepted As Is Where is No Objections by Buyer
Provision of Copies of Finals
Replacement Title Deed
Record of Death where the Deceased was a Registered Joint Owner of the Property
Satisfactory Present Use
Seller to Complete Works and Attend to Repairs Before Settlement
Seller to Provide Vacant Possession – End Tenancy
Seller to Rent Back the Property – Entering into a Tenancy Agreement
Solicitors Approval
Sunset Clause Terminate Conditional Contract on Receipt of Better Offer
Subject to Satisfactory Survey
Subject to Satisfactory Soil Test
Subject to Satisfactory Flood Enquiry
Subject to Satisfactory Pool Fence Inspection and Approvals
Subject to Satisfaction of Searches
Subject to Construction of the Dwelling
Subject to Sale of Buyers Property Contract in Place
Subject to Sale of Buyers Property – No Current Contract
Subject to Body Corporate Record Inspection
Tenants Agreeing to Vacate
Termination if Council Requirements Not Met
Termination if Council Requirements Including Final Inspections Not Met
Termination of Sellers Prior Contract
Transmission by Death
Unapproved Structures
Unapproved Pool Fencing
Vacant Possession